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Pranic Healing is a very effective way to reduce stress and fatigue. It can help alleviate many types of pain, including headache, back ache, joint pain and much more. Pranic Healing can also assist with gastrointestinal distress, respiratory ailments, skin conditions, insomnia and other common complaints.

All Pranic Healing sessions are conducted remotely, with an experienced Pranic Healer working on your energy body. Your healer can work on you remotely via phone or video call; or you can receive a healing while you sleep. Pranic Healing is equally effective either way.


For your Pranic Healing session, either:

Come to our Online Healing Clinic, held each Sunday evening at 5:00pm EST for a 15 minute session. Cost: $20.


Request a referral to a professional Pranic Healer for a full length session. Cost: $60 - $125, depending on the healer. To request your session, click here.

Pranic Healing is also great for wellness! You don't have to be sick to benefit from a healing. Pranic Healing can help you feel clearer & sharper, more energetic, and more "you".

Come to our Online Healing Clinic and see for yourself!

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