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Pranic Healing can help you heal faster and easier from many serious illnesses such as cancer, auto immune disease, skeletal & muscle disorders, central nervous system conditions, cardiovascular disease and much, much more.

It can help you recover more smoothly from surgery.

Pranic Healing can even assist with emotional illnesses such as stress, anxiety and PTSD.

All Pranic Healing sessions are conducted remotely, with an experienced Pranic Healer working on your energy body. Your healer can work on you remotely via phone or video call; or you can receive a healing while you sleep. Pranic Healing is equally effective either way.

Please remember that Pranic Healing is complimentary with all other forms of care, particularly conventional medical care. If you have any concerns, check with your physician before scheduling.

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For your Pranic Healing session, either:

Come to our Online Healing Clinic*, held each Sunday evening at 5:00pm EST for a 15 minute session. Cost: $20. 


Request a referral to a professional Pranic Healer for a full length session. Cost: $60 - $125, depending on the healer. 

If you're a vet, you may qualify for low/no-cost sessions. Contact us for details.

* For short Pranic Healing sessions, we use Meetup to schedule. We’ve found it to be easier than other scheduling tools. 


We also work on Covid patients, using a specially designed protocol that addresses respiratory and other symptoms.
If you or a loved one has Covid symptoms, contact us to see if you qualify for free Covid healing.

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